Moreover, keep in mind that development time can depend on user feedback. After each stage of development, we conduct testing in order to collect user feedback and improve the product accordingly. Thus, the client and our developers influence the development vector of the application. Whether it’s a website, a regular mobile app, or an application with AR functionalities, the development team’s location often affects the final cost the most.

Analyze your business requirements and create a mockup of your further AR application. Feel free to involve UI/UX design experts to create a mockup and wireframes so that developers can understand how to create an augmented reality app in more detail. It’s vital to know that different platforms like iOS or Google need software engineers to follow defined style guides when building applications. Today’s digitally evolved world requires people to quickly connect with products and data to enable smarter processes and enhanced engagement. We help you bring these advanced AR capabilities to your fingertips through custom AR app development so that you achieve a competitive edge in the market and enhance your business growth. One of the leading augmented reality development companies in the industry, Juego Studios creates AR apps for entertainment, enterprise and consumer level applications.

Optical data — Information about brightness, infrared light presence, or other details. The LiDARscanner that is widely used in some Apple devices helps collect optical data for more accurate distance measuring and object recognition. Helping our clients’ potential buyers reimagine and redesign their space was a wonderful project to work upon.

AR Tools and Technologies

Our expertise in AR app development helps businesses to create a custom application using the latest technology. We cater to different types of AR applications based on your requirements, objectives and areas of concern. 3D modelling is only as good as a product prototype and not give the actual feel. Bring in AR app development services for real estate to offer buyers a virtual tour to their future property.

  • Our team of experts has augmented reality app development knowledge with all the ins and out of using each technology.
  • Appinventiv is among the finest VR/AR development agencies that collaborates the power of AR/VR with IoT to deliver a seamless experience across multiple connected devices.
  • 3D modelling is only as good as a product prototype and not give the actual feel.
  • While mobile app development is their expertise, Zco also does enterprise software and 3D animation.
  • Creating an AR healthcare app is quite revolutionary for it enables the healthcare personnel to try their hands at procedures.

Tech Exactly is award winning Indian Mobile App Development Company with a diverse global clientele. We provide dedicated mobile app and web developers to help startups and enterprises create bespoke solutions. AR is a technology that allows you to add digital objects to physical space thanks to a video device, be it glasses, a smartphone camera, or anything else. The range of applications is extremely large and starts from adding face filters on Instagram to changing the environment around you.

Designing an augmented reality experience demands a strategic understanding of the platforms required to power them…

Customers can have a 3D avatar of the product in their environment and all the visible features. We enable these visualizations through advanced graphics and scalable architecture. Build a gaming experience that puts your users right into the environment with a sense of realism.

However, there might be some functionality limitations and performance flaws. A detailed description of your idea and business goals you strive to achieve by developing a new AR application. For starters, you need to define your needs and create clear project requirements to share with developers. Software engineers must understand what functionality they must develop before the AR app building begins.

AR is the best solution for business looking to raise sales figures by targeting smartphone users. Teach complex and abstract concepts to the students interestingly with AR apps. The visual stimulation power and interactivity in AR adds the dimension to the learning process giving them a better idea of how things exist and function in the real world.

However, it’s not easy to choose an augmented reality software development kit, especially when you face the availability of numerous tools in the market nowadays. The superimposition-based AR app type is popular in the healthcare and medicine sciences industry. Doctors typically use this technology to superimpose a view of a patient’s body parts like bones, tissues, muscles, and organs to understand the damage better and provide timely treatment. Another example of superimposition’s implementation is in military applications where visions of important objects and targets are easily seen, highlighted, or augmented with helpful details. We understand your project perspective to convert your amazing ideas into reality. Usher your business into a futuristic realm with our high-quality development services.

UX/UI Design

Aided by AR headsets, we provide Augmented Reality App Development Services for entertainment purposes like AR music, AR on TV and AR in eSports. The scope of integrating AR for entertainment is huge as it can go as far as your imagination. We design a client app that scans the view in the camera lens, retrieves 3D models of requested objects and overlays them on top of scanned environment. To realistically position AR model without using any markers, apps use GPS, built-in sensors, as well as complex computer vision algorithms. Such apps recognize a specific, custom marker – a pictogram or aQR-code – and then substitute it with pre-set data on the device screen.

augmented reality app development company

There are many top Augmented Reality app development companies in the world that offer great products and services at much affordable rates. EvaCodes is a software development company focused on Web Development, mobile app development, AWS and Serverless consulting. Our narrow technology focus helps to build highly-skilled remote dedicated teams for startups and established organizations.

Latest Insights on Augmented Reality

Mutual Mobile is an growing digital agency that prides itself on innovation. By seamlessly integrating design and technology, they try to produce the best possible mobile experiences. Intellectsoft’s AR services include mobile AR , HoloLens and motion controllers, as well as Unity and Web assembly. The company’s AR lab is working on a unique AR framework for Microsoft Hololens called Kado, which is specifically designed for use in the construction industry. Gravity Jack was founded in 2009 in Washington, and the company has been doing software and augmented reality projects since then. A social media application that allows users to share all their social media profiles links into one platform.

augmented reality app development company

Although custom eCommerce solutions have changed the ways of shopping, it is still different when you can touch, see, and feel the products you want to buy. From furniture to clothes and make-up, augmented reality offers a different take on shopping. To begin developing a new AR application, software engineers need to have a backlog of tasks. You should create a coherent list of tasks to build an application from scratch. This AR app type projects light, digital images, objects, and the environment into a surface in two methods.

AR also helps in addressing environmental issues like oil spills, water pollution, clean-ups, etc. Virtual reality creates a virtual environment into which users can immerse with the help of VR headsets or glasses. Softeq is open for business—the entire global Softeq team is fully equipped to work remotely and deliver projects on time!


This technology allowed business to involve AR apps in marketing strategy in order to carve a niche in the competitive world. We created immersive 3D illusions for a real estate app where users can reorient their device to walk through and explore the property from different angles and give buyers a real feel for space. This feature turned out to be a great addition for our real estate client in engaging the buyers from the comfort of their smartphones. The cost to make an app using this technology varies depending on the app complexity, targeted user base, app features, and various other such features. To know the exact cost estimate, it is better to discuss your app idea with the experts. In simpler terms, AR technology brings virtual elements into real environments, while VR takes users to an unrealistic world.

Types of AR Apps We Develop

We are an AR app development company with expertise in occlusion features for your projects. Our expert AR app developers enable graphical excellence for augmented reality app development company occlusion experiences. With our augmented reality services, you can offer your customers an interactive experience while building a strong brand image.

The program is fed with images and is “taught” to distinguish between them. An AR system’s computer vision is developed using deep learning and convolutional neural networks. Create virtual digital bank branches that let customers enjoy personalized attention via virtual assistance, information on status requests, display of new offerings, etc. Tradetron ALGO is a marketplace website that is developed mainly for the purpose of trading. It is widely used by users who are interested in investing in various places. We help you design Augmented Reality apps that facilitate profitable communication pathways for brands and their consumers with their smart and connecting features.

By leveraging AR for your business, you can increase your customer’s confidence in your product and, ultimately, your brand. C++ is the universal augmented reality programming language, that is formed to extend the possibilities of C. It has particular characteristics as systematization and object- adaptation to participate in the stage of memory processing. The key purpose of all Augmented Reality structures is how pragmatically they assimilate augmentations with the actual environment. The first stage of vision is the discovery of particular markers or visible streams in the camera. The second stage is the reconstruction of the data that is given before.

We develop top AR solutions that offer flawless performance and function seamlessly on a wide range of platforms. Our top AR applications are packed with dynamic features and help you stay ahead of the curve. The design and functionality of our apps will certainly help boost your ROI. Our Augmented reality app developers &AR game developersuse this SDK to create advanced AR apps for a broad range of mobile and tablet devices including iPhone and iPad. We develop revolutionary augmented reality applications for iOS 11 that use built-in camera, processors and motion sensors of iPhones and iPad with Apple’s latest AR platform.

You can also get smart AR-based applications that will help you manage, maintain as well as retain your customers easily. We also provide location-based features that allow users to have location awareness or share their location with others. We also provide advertisement-oriented AR applications that will help you take your marketing strategy to a whole new dimension.