Choosing the best sex position intended for deep transmission is a great method to maximize your sexual satisfaction. There are several positions that are aimed toward deeper transmission and can help your partner to work in best rhythm. These types of positions could be combined with a sex toy, condoms, or perhaps Durex lubes to make for the purpose of an even better knowledge.

A good sex location designed for deep transmission can increase clitoral enjoyment. By simply getting on all fours, your partner may work with her legs to push the vagina further into her human body. The more you go, the closer the orgasm will probably be.


A seated love-making position is yet another option for greater penetration. Utilizing your legs to thrust, you can achieve precisely the same effects being a standing standing, but without the strain on your arms and ankles.

The Butterflies Position is a popular choice pertaining to deep transmission. Essentially, it will involve lying about the back. This gives you a great view of your partner’s as well as you get to move about while she is swallowed up by your penis.

The side-to-side job is also a highly effective and entertaining sex position for profound penetration. By wrapping 1 leg around the other, you are able to ensure that your pelvis is bent the right way.

Similarly, the reverse cowgirl is a making love position with respect to deep transmission. The invert version consists of your partner sitting on the ground, while you set on your back. Ideally, you can have a pillow under your body to support you.